Teterboro’s Sun Noodle to Open Ramen Lab NYC in a Month

The previously reported Ramen Lab, an offshoot of the food-cational ramen shop (with the same name) from Teterboro’s Sun Noodle, should be opening in a month’s time according to Eater.com. The shop will host seminars, the public for meals (from 12-10pm Tuesdays-Saturdays), and host “meetings with other New York ramen shops”. 

For those unfamiliar, Sun Noodle is a company that supplies ramen to many of the most well known retaurants across the US (Momofuku, Ivan Ramen).  Their 10,000 square foot facility in NJ contributes to the company’s ability to produce 90,000 servings of ramen daily.

Ramen Lab 70 Kenmare Street, New York, NY Website


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