Chef V Expands Organic Green Drink and Cleanse Delivery to New Jersey


Chef V ( has announced an East Coast expansion by now offering its organic green drink and cleanse delivery service to New York and New Jersey. As of August 2014, Chef V now serves customers in Passaic, Union, Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, Bergen counties with its raw, locally sourced greens that are blended (never pasteurized) and delivered to their homes.

In 2008, after launching an organic meal delivery service in San Diego, Chef V (aka Veronica Wheat) added a green drink delivery service to her offerings (which allowed her clients to get farmer’s market-quality, organic greens in their diets). The concept quickly took off, and by early 2014 the company was serving clients in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado.

Chef V also offers organic cleanses, which will also be available for delivery in New York and New Jersey. Chef V’s three, five or seven-day Organic Cleanses includes organic green drinks, protein shakes and homemade soups, that are meant to cleanse the digestive system without starving the body.


“Other ‘juices’ or drinks that you find on grocery refrigerator shelves are pasteurized or have undergone a process called HPP, which kills almost all of the nutrients in the veggies,” said Chef V. Additionally, most juices are all fruit and little veggies, which is very high in sugar and low in fiber, vitamins and nutrients. In contrast, my Organic Green Drink is all veggies and little fruit, fulfilling a vital component for any nutrition plan without the added sugar.”

All information ― including how to order/signup ― is available at the Chef V website. Within seven days from placing an order, one gallon of Chef V’s Green Drink will be delivered to the desired location, straight from the Chef V kitchen by a professional team of delivery drivers.


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