Schweid and Sons Retail Brand Launches from Carlstadt Burger Purveyor


Schweid and Sons, owned by Burger Maker in Carlstadt, has launched a new line of fresh, consumer-packaged burgers featuring the Certified Angus Beef brand. Made with fresh, whole-muscle cuts, the burgers were designed to offer consumers premium fresh burgers that they can enjoy year round. Burger Maker should be familiar to many ― at least their product is, even if they don’t know it ― they supply the meat to many burger chains including Bobby’s Burger Palace and Five Guys.

The company’s “Custom Blend” burger is made from whole-muscle Certified Angus Beef  brand chuck and brisket for a distinctive flavor profile. For the “One Percenter” burger in the Schweid and Sons line, chucks from Certified Angus Beef  brand Prime are used, where less than 1% of beef meets the brand’s strict quality standards. Both items are available as 5.3 oz. burgers with 4 per package and 2.0 oz. burgers with 16 per package. The products have a 21-day shelf life.

Schweid and Sons can be purchased locally at ShopRite and more information about both brands can be found at their respective websites: Schweid and Sons and Burger Maker.


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