The Dish: Reuben Fritters at The Shannon Rose in Ramsey


The Dish is a Boozy Burbs column highlighting menu items at local eateries that would be of interest for foodies.

While the menu at The Shannon Rose in Ramsey (and Clifton) features many classic Irish favorites, the chefs are always tweaking and expanding their offerings. One of their latest creations are their Reuben Fritters ($8.99), a play on the iconic sandwich, but in bite-sized form. 

To create the dish, they start with their own house-made corned beef then mix it with sauerkraut, Swiss and cream cheese. Those pieces are dredged in flour and eggs, then coated in bread crumbs before being deep fried.  When served, they are accompanied with a side of Thousand Island dressing for dipping, which completes the Reuben flavor profile.


The Shannon Rose 1200 Route 17 North, Ramsey, NJ Website


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