Jewish Standard Readers’ Choice 2014


The Jewish Standard, the weekly North Jersey newspaper that coverslocal, national, and world news of Jewish interest, has announced the winners of their annual Readers’ Choice awards.

The food and dining section, named ‘A Nosh to a Meal’, awarded 3winners (first, second and third place) across 50+ categories. Categories run from the more traditional like ‘Best Sushi’ and ‘Best Greek’, to those with more granular like ‘Best French Fries’ and ‘Best Matzo Ball Soup’. For those curious, whilemany of the winning restaurants areKosher, there are many that are not.

This year’s big winners (as far as First Place awards) wereLazy Bean Cafe in Teaneck (4 wins), Noah’s Ark in Teaneck (3 wins), and Kosher Nosh (3 wins) in Glen Rock. The full weekly supplement featuring all the winners in every category can be read HERE.


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