Opening Alert: Holy Cow Sliders, Bergenfield, NJ

holy cow sliders

Burger restaurant Holy Cow Sliders opens today in Bergenfield. Owner Marlene Arute has taken over the old El Caney’s location, serving sliders she’s been sharing with friends and family for years – who’ve encouraged her to start selling them to the public.

The sliders themselves are 1.3 oz each, made with 75/25 ground chuck. All burgers are topped with caramelized onions, pickles (half sours, sliced in house), ketchup and mustard, then served on Martin’s potato rolls. Arute is offering a Chipotle Burger, which are served with chipotle mayonnaise and jalapeños and pepper jack when ordered as a cheeseburger  (Read the inital menu report).

Hot dogs are pork/beef fryers from Thumann’s, deep fried (till they burst) and available plain or with toppings (cheese, chili, etc). The menu is rounded out with sides like Jersey shore fries (basically “Boardwalk-style” with some of the skin; is offered with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce) and onion rings.


The mostly takeout space will have 6 counter seats and is open 6 days a week.

Holy Cow Sliders 9 West Church Street, Bergenfield, NJ Website


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