Tendon Hannosuke and Tsujita NJ Open at Mitsuwa in Edgewater


Mitsuwa, the Japanese marketplace and more in Edgewater, has upgraded their restaurant and food court area with two new restaurants. Open officially for the first time today,diners have theadded choice of tendon (tempura over rive bowl) fromTendon Hannosuke and Kaisen Don (seafood bowl) from Tsujita NJaccording to their Facebook Page.

Edomae Tendon (tempura eel with assorted tempura) [photo source: Mitsuwa Marketplace]


Alreadyextremely popular restaurant in Japan, Tendon Hannosuke makes their tendonto order. The restaurant, which also has outlets in Mitsuwa’s California stores, tops rices with a serving of tempura (shrimp, nori, scallop, shisito pepper, sweet potato, egg) and choice of tempura options likewhite fish, chicken andeel.

Kaisen Don [photo source: Tsujita LA]

Tsujita NJ, which is being billed as the only Kaisendon restaurant in NJ, sells“sashimi bowls” feature an array of fresh seafood over rice.

Misuwa Marketplace River Road, Edgewater, NJ Website


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