The Dish: Deep Fried Twinkies at The Blind Boar BBQ in Norwood

The Dish is a Boozy Burbs column highlighting menu items at local eateries that would be of interest for foodies.


When The Blind Boar first opened in 2011, one of their most popular dessert items was the Deep Fried Twinkie ($6.99). Then camethe shutdown of Hostess Bakery, so the team found themselves buying up as many cases as they could find of the dwindling supply, but eventually gave up and removed it from the menu. But with the Twinkiesreturn last July, Blind Boar has decided to give it another go.

The chef at Blind Boar dips the Twinkies intheir homemade batter before dropping it into the deep fryer – which turns the cream inside into a hot gooey liquid. It’s then plated andsprinkled with powdered sugar, homemade whipped cream and the customer’s choice ofvanilla or chocolate ice creamand choice of fresh-made chocolate or raspberry sauce.


The Blind Boar 595 Broadway, Norwood, NJ Website


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