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This is a guest post by Rev Ciancio, the founder and Chief Eating Officer of BurgerConquest, a NYC based blog about Burgers. He is also the founder of The Burger Week, a 7 day series of events celebrating all things hamburger.


It all started in North Jersey.

One day while eating a Burger at Arthur’s Tavern in Hoboken, I looked at my friends after being blown away by the sandwich and suggested we start a burger club and blog. On October 17th of 2008 my Burger Conquest began. Several hundred Burgers since, double digit TV appearances and the launch of NY Burger Week later, here I am writing a guest post on Boozy Burbs.


Last year when I was putting together the 2nd Annual NY Burger Week, Andrew from Boozy Burbs reached out and asked if he could help get a local Burger joint involved in the fun. Hell yeah man. Of course I wanted to work with Boozy Burbs and help expand the Burger Week! Having fun with Burgers is something everyone should be able to celebrate. The Off-Menu Burger & Putts Dinner at Hudson 303 Sport Café was born and for the first time, NY Burger Week didn’t just mean NYC.

I started the Burger Week for the same reason I started the blog, to share my love of Hamburgers with the world. If the blog could help one person find just one great Burger, my job was done. I never intended it to be a way to meet all kinds of great people, like Andrew and launch a series of events like The Burger Week. What is the Burger Week you ask? The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.  That could be an Off-Menu Burger Brunch, Cocktails Paired with Burgers, Burgers paired with Iron Maiden, Burgers made from various wild game, or working hand in hand with Amstel Light on a large scale Burger Crawl that takes you from place to place sampling Burgers all over the city… Burger Week is about having fun, meeting people and basking in the glory of delicious Hamburgers.


Inspired by the 2012 collaboration with Andrew and Boozy Burbs, I wanted to expand The Burger Week beyond the walls of NYC. To get the fun kick started, I invited a key Burger restaurant from the Boozy Burbs territory of Bergen & Rockland County to participate in this year’s NY Burger Week. On Friday May 2nd, Westchester Burger Company will be bringing their expert Burger trade into NYC to be a part of the NY Burger Feast. It’s happening at Hudson Common in the Hudson Hotel. It’s a walk around Burger festival where you can sample some of the best Burgers available. Other than Tasty Burger from Boston, the crew from Westchester Burger Company will be the only restaurant there that is not from NYC. The message? Please come into the city and enjoy some Burgers with us!

But that’s not all!! Since my Burger persona owes its roots to the Garden State, it’s time to return the favor. Let this serve as the announcement, the Burger Week is coming to North Jersey!!! With the help of Andrew and Boozy Burbs as well as Burger Maker, we will soon be announcing a Burger Week that Jersey can call all its own. Stay tuned to Boozy Burbs for more details soon.


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