Homemade Ice Cream at Marc’s Cheesecake in Glen Rock


Last summer, Marc’s Cheesecake began offering ice cream with homemade toppings in addition to their usual menu of cakes. This year owner Marc Silverberg has invested in a batch freezer to begin selling their own homemade ice cream, ice and cream ice.

He’s using local dairy from a company in nearby Edison. Real fruit is being used when possible and the flavors (approx 14) to change over time. Expect seasonality (like pumpkin in the fall) and popular tastes to dictate the choices. He’s not planning on a weekly or monthly rotation, but more a response to what his customers like, “If it sells well it will stay, if not it will rotate out” he explained.



He’s also plans to offer toppings using the mixing fruits and crumb that he uses for cheesecake toppings. Plus later on after things get rolling, there will be ice cream cakes and pies.

Silverberg felt offering ice cream was a natural fit to his existing business. Since cheese cake sales typically dip in the hot weather, we wanted to offer something to compliment what he’s been doing during warmer temps. He went into his kitchen and became a food scientist perfecting the ice cream recipes. He’s been taking advantage of his baking knowledge, using his red velvet ice cream for the red velvet flavor, brownies for the brownie chunk ice cream and the ginger snap cookies for the ginger snap ice cream. 

All items will be available in small ($2.50) and large ($4.00) and are available now.

Marc’s Cheesecake 251 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ Website


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