Grillers in Emerson Adds Gator to the Menu

Gator Burger with side of Gator Nuggets

Grillers, the restaurant in Emerson featuring homemade burgers, chicken and sides, has added gator as one of the proteins available for their list of burgers. The meat is flown in fresh directly from Louisiana and ground in-house with their special blend of seasonings. The burger ($9.59) comes with a number of free toppings like tomato, onion and lettuce ― additions like cheese and bacon are extra. They’re also using that gator meat for nuggets ($7.99 for an order of 10), which are battered and deep dried then served with a side of their chipotle mayonnaise. 

Grillers has also added a number of other burgers ―salmon, crab & chicken ― which are also all ground in-house and made from fresh meat. This is in addition to their selection of beef, ostrich and venison burgers.

Grillers 180 Kinderkamack Road, Emerson, NJ Website


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