Robert De Niro’s VDKA 6100 Comes To New Jersey


The U.S. launch of VDKA6100 (pronounced Vodka 6100), which lists actor Robert De Niro (he was “intimately involved”) as co-creator, began mid-February in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

VDKA 6100, which has roots in both Australia and New Zealand, is distilled from fresh seasonal whey and natural spring water from New Zealand (where it is also distilled). The whey is sourced from grass-fed cows’ milk, which is 3x distilled and filtered through a bed of carbon, producing a silky, ultra-smooth liquid.

It’s bottle is handcrafted from Saverglass, a leading French glass manufacturer and then topped off with a silver lid and cork from Italy. In all three states. VKDA 6100 will be available in two sizes, 750ml and a 1-liter bottles . For more info, visit their website (Visit Site).


[photo source: VDKA6100]


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