Ranchero Cantina Bringing Tex-Mex to Emerson

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Ranchero Cantina, an upscale Tex-Mex restaurant, is headed for the spot most recently held by Gregory T’s along Kinderkamack Road in Emerson. The newly renovated, 250 seat restaurant will feature two bars and two dining rooms: The Cantina & The Ranch.

The Cantina features rustic tables with over-sized chairs, high-back booths, and a large square bar with six flat-screen TVs serving Mexican favorites like their signature margaritas, red and white sangrias, ice-cold cervezas, and a wide array of tequilas. Their back room (The Ranch; also their private party room) is family-friendly with it’s expansive kids menu and “Texas hospitality”. It also features a bar, tucked in the back, for unwinding with a favorite beverage (or two).

The menu will contain both Texan and Mexican cuisine. The Texas side will include thick-cut steaks that are grilled on an open flame, chili con carne, and Texas BBQ. The ‘cue will all be smoked in-house and seasoned with their special BBQ sauce and rub, which they’ve dubbed “RC Que”. The Mexican fare will feature  traditional sauces like their mole and salsa verde, their own versions of of Al Pastor, Chicken Tinga and a selection of classic Mexican specialties.


There is no specific opening date yet, though we expect sometime February is most likely. We’ll hopefully also get a chance to see the menu leading up to the opening, so stay tuned for more details.

Update: Ranchero Cantina Emerson has soft opened

Ranchero Cantina 214 Kinderkamack Road, Emerson, NJ Website



  1. Michael Bauer January 29, 2014

    How about a listing of vegaterian restaurants or pescterian restaurants.

    • Author

      We will take it into consideration. Though considering people’s dietary needs nowadays, are you having trouble finding vegetable or fish dishes on restaurant menus?