Internet Buzz Saves Octopus Dish at The Monk Room in Newark: UPDATED

Pan-roasted Day Boat Octopus [photo source: tommy:eats]

The place isn’t even open yet (that would be Friday) and the interwebs are abuzz with support for Newark restaurant The Monk Room to carry the octopus dish (see photo above) of mother restaurant Porta in Asbury Park. Led by uber food blogger tommy:eats, he and his followers sent their message loud and clear that The Monk Room in no uncertain terms must carry their Pan-Roasted Day Boat Octopus. Amazingly enough, this tweet came in response from the official Porta twitter account:


While not a victory just yet, the fact that the restaurant is making strides for fans even before the restaurant is open shows quite a dedication to customer service. More as this develops…


Update: Octopus is in the buildingBased on a tweet and the linked Instagram photo, the Internet cause to bring the octopus to The Monk Room’s menu has worked. Through their official social media channels, The Monk Room has brough the dish over, though as a special at the moment. 

The Monk Room 20 Green Street, Newark, NJ Website


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