ALDI Stores Launch Organic SimplyNature Line of Products


ALDI, the chain of low cost grocery stores with a number of Bergen-area locations, has launched a new brand of products. The line is named ”SimplyNature”, which features all-natural or organic ingredients. SimplyNature products range from cereal, honey, fruit bars and apple juice, to pasta sauce, pizza, salsa and other snacks.

ALDI has added new local stores, including ones in Clifton, East Rutherford, Lodi (in October) and North Bergen (in March), which all carry he new line of SimplyNature. Beyond SimplyNature, ALDI currently carries nearly 70 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, including several new organic produce items. Organic produce items currently featured include bananas, apples, tomatoes, baby carrots and salad mixes. 

Sampling of SimplyNature Product Line and Pricing: (view entire SimplyNature product line)
Organic Agave Nectar (11.75 oz.) – $2.49
Organic Fruit Bars (10 oz.) – $2.69
Exotic Vegetable Chips (7.5 oz.) – $2.99
Organic Apple Juice (64 oz.) – $2.49
Organic Pasta Sauce (25 oz.) – $1.99
Organic Diced Tomatoes (28oz.) – $1.49
Organic Spaghetti or Linguine (16 oz.) – $1.19


For more infotmation on ALDI, their locations, the new SimplyNature line or other product offerings, visit their website at

ALDI 59 Route 17 South, East Rutherford, NJ
ALDI 4 Memorial Drive Lodi, NJ
ALDI 56 Lakeview Avenue, Clifton, NJ
ALDI 8101 Tonnelle Avenue, North Bergen, NJ


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