Cocohodo Brings Walnut Pastries to Red Mango in Palisades Park

[photo source: Cocohodo]

The Palisades Park location of frozen yogurt (froyo) chain Red Mango is now also the home to Cocohodo, a chain (which operates stand alone cafes as well) that sells Ho Do Gwa Ja, a Korean walnut pastry. A popular treat in it’s homeland for decades, Ho Do Gwa Ja are a baked pastry that is shaped like a walnut and filled with red bean mousse and walnut chunks. The Ho Do Gwa Ja at Cocohodo are baked fresh daily in the store and can be served warm.

This is the first area location for the Korean chain (which has 200 locations outside Korea), which according to it’s website will be opening a NYC location sometime in the future.

Cocohodo (inside Red Mango) 262 Broad Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ


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