Brand New: Molos Restaurant, Weehawken, NJ

Molos Weehawken

It’s been a few weeks since Molos in Weehawken first opened their doors, with the entire team getting settled in after the grand opening last week. Owner Eliana Stefanitsis (who opened the restaurant with her father) is excited about their waterfront space, hoping to launch lunch, brunch and happy hour in the coming months. (Read our original preview here)

A heavy dose of seafood from chef Athanasios Liavas, who has spent 20 years cooking in Europe (with the last 5 on private yachts), dominates a menu of hot and cold greek dished with whole fish is brought in daily. He believes his innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine brings something new and unique to the area as he explained that current Greek cuisine has evolved tremendously back in it’s homeland, but restaurants locally haven’t evolved along with them. While taking cues from this change, he’s also pulling from local ingredients to dictate the direction of the kitchen, which he expects to unveil it’s first menu update sometime within a month’s time. (View the menu)

Below is a small gallery of interior shots and a few food closeups from the menu. The restaurant is open Monday-Thursday from 5pm-11pm and Friday-Saturday from 5pm-midnight. It features valet parking and breathtaking NYC views, which Stefanitsis promises are even better at night. 


Molos Restaurant 1 Pershing Road Weehawken, NJ Website

Molos Weehawken
Fresh fish display, all brought in daily

Molos Weehawken
Molos Piato (crispy zucchini and eggplant chips)

Molos WeehawkenGrilled Octopus

Astako Makaronada (Lobster Macaroni)

Karidopita (Greek walnut cake, drenched in syrup, with mastic chocolate topping)

View from the dining room


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