The Drunkin Donut Brings Booze and Pastry to Rockland

2014-01-28 21.32.05

When a chance idea popped into Kelly Fisher’s head on St. Patrick’s Day to bring alcohol-infused donuts to a friend’s party, she enlisted her baker aunt Kathleen Meehan and created The Drunkin Donut (Website).

After months of testing, the business became an entire line of boozy pastries including donuts, truffles, cupcakes, cannoli and brownies.

Donuts are broken down into categories like daquiri, martini & margarita (for instance, daquiri flavors include banana and strawberry). In addition, many classic cocktails are covered including the Mai Tai and White Russian. Truffles are available in vodka and martini varieties and if that wasn’t enough they’ve created a Mudslide Brownie.


The recently launched Rockland-based company has begun selling at local fairs and is selling direct through their website. Local delivery is available within 15 miles of Nyack and they waive the fee for orders over twenty five dollars.


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