Hand-Crafted Suerte Tequila Now Available in New Jersey


Suerte Tequila announced today that their trio of small-batch, single estate, double distilled tequilas are now available throughout New Jersey. While not yet available at any retailers in Bergen County, the closet spot is the Hoboken Wine House in Hoboken.

Suerte (Spanish meaning “luck”) Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo tequilas are created from 100% pure Blue Weber harvested in the rural highlands of Jalisco (in Western Mexico). Master Distiller Pedro Hernandez Barba uses a tahona (hand-carved stone wheel) to crush the agave. This produces a flavor different than modern methods such as a steel shredder. After cooking in a brick oven and another tahona crushing, the resulting juice is fermented and distilled.

Suerte Blanco rests for a minimum of two months in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling and features herbal, citrus, and sweet notes. Suerte Blanco is 40% Alc. by Volume (80 proof).


Suerte Reposado rests in white oak bourbon barrels for seven months and features plum, butterscotch, and oak notes. Suerte Reposado is 40% Alc. by Volume (80 proof) SRP: $36.99

Suerte Añejo rests in White Oak bourbon barrels for 24 months and features a moderate oak presence, with hints of berry, chocolate, and mint. Suerte Añejo is 40% Alc. by Volume (80 proof).

For more information on the Suerte family of tequilas, visit their website at http://drinksuerte.com.


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