Rosie’s Weenie Wagon Starts Online Petition To Change Outdated Laws

2013-08-04 10.52.13

Rosie’s Weenie Wagon, the hot dog truck that has been booted from staying in her regular spot serving Englewood a few weeks back, has now launched an online petition to garner support for her business. The petition (viewable here) asks the mayor and town council of Englewood to rethink the ordinance in place that has now become under scrutiny and caused issues for truck owner Rosario D’Rivera.

Just last week it was reported that the town would be looking into revising the laws, however D’Rivera is clearly moving forward to expedite the process. Mostly at play here is an ordinance where a mobile food vendor must continuously move throughout the day. Rosie’s had been parked for two years at Nordhoff Place and West Sheffield Avenue and only recently has the town decided to enforce this. In fact another vendor used the same spot for 18 years and it was never previously a problem. To read more and view the petition visit


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