Robotic Bartender for Home Use? Yes, Monsieur

Kickstarter has become an exciting hotbed for eating and drinking projects. Enter Monsieur,  the “Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender”.  Monsieur is artificially intelligent and “learns its users and improves their lifestyles” by mixing the perfect drink based on their tastes. Monsieur is programmed with thousands of drinks and can make them at a touch of a button. Users can browse the essentially endless cocktails via touchscreen along with info and photos about each. Paired with their mobile app, you don’t even need to leave the couch. Need to be cut off? Monsieur allows monitoring of your drink consumption and alerts when your blood alcohol level is high also via their mobile app.

Monsieur comes pre-loaded with 12 different theme packages each containing about 25 drinks in each theme. Theme packages include: Modern, Tiki Bar, Sports Bar, Cigar Bar, Irish Pub, Cinco De Mayo, Classic, Girl’s Night Out, Happy Holidays, Mardi Gras, Non-Alcoholic, Modern. Plus Monsieur can send (SMS or email) you a grocery list or you can enable the auto refill option (contacts a local liquor store) when you run out of booze.

Businesses can also use Monsieur (bars, nightclubs, arena suites, hotels, offices) to track your tastes and preferences. Venues can tap into Monsieur’s real-time customer usage stats to uncover opportunities for additional revenue by anticipating when customers will need refills or service.


The base Monsiuer will run you $2300 via Kickstarter, or you can fund one of the lower tiers for a t-shirt, glass set, ice bucket and more. Fore full details check out the Kickstarter Page.


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