NJ Food Artisans: Blue J Syrups

[photo source: Blue J Syrups]

As a merchandiser for Acker, Merrall and Condit (Manhattan’s 7th oldest business and the oldest wine shop in the United States) Jason Albaum, maker of Blue J Syrups, has always been accustomed to drinking the finest liquor and sipping on delicious, hand-crafted cocktails.  However, with a wife, two children, and a commute across the Hudson River, it’s not always easy for him to stick around for New York City’s nightlife.  Rather than sacrificing the drinks entirely, Albaum decided to make them in the comfort of his own home and developed a series of syrup recipes that are now known as Blue J Syrups.  Although Jason has been making his syrups for over three years, the business based in Bloomfield, NJ, officially launched on May 21st of 2013.  Despite the youth of Albaum’s company, the entrepreneur already has eleven accounts at retail locations, two in restaurants, and several other agreements in progress.

Blue J Syrups offers a variety of unique syrup flavors that are seasonally available, some of which include Lime and Sage, Spiced Pear, and Lavender Earl Grey.  Recipes in the works for the holiday season will include ingredients such as cranberries and sugar plums.  Albaum works single-handedly to produce thirty gallons of each syrup flavor at a time, using as much locally sourced whole fruit as possible.  Blue J Syrups contain no powders, extracts, or anything else artificial, and maintain their freshness and color with the help of nature’s preservative: lemon juice.

Although Blue J Syrups were originally made to be cocktail accoutrements, they have proven to be extremely versatile elsewhere in the kitchen.  Albaum’s artisan syrups can be added to club soda, drizzled over shaved ice to make snow cones, and have even been used in cooking.  


Though the majority of Blue J Syrups’ retail locations are in Manhattan, bottles can be purchased by visiting the Facebook page and sending a request.  Albaum can also be spotted alongside other local artisans at the Oakland Farmer’s Market.

Blue J Syrups Facebook Page


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