Serve Your Jagermeister Cold at Home with the Shotmeister

[photo source: Jagermeister]

It’s time to wash those shot glasses. Jagermeister, the #1 selling imported liqueur in the United States, will begin offering the Shotmeister for sale on their website this month. The Shotmeister is a smaller version of their tap machine, which keeps the Jager ice cold (at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit) and doubles as a serving dispenser.

According to Jagermeister VP of Marketing Amanda Blanco, “With the introduction of the Shotmeister, consumers can now recreate the experience of ice cold shots of Jagermeister out of the tap machine in their own home”.

Though priced at $199, it is only $100 less than it’s older sibling the Jager Tap Machine. The appliances are nearly identical in it’s purpose and function, but the Shotmeister holds one bottle of Jager while the Tap Machine can hold up to 3. The smaller footprint will certainly be a big plus for those with space concerns. Of course since this thing is shipping shortly, you’ll have to wait till MDW 2014 before breaking it in properly down at your shore house.


Both the Shotmesiter and Tap Machine are available for purchase at


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