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Back in January, we posted about the Ho-Ho-Kus based R.N. Nuts making its way to Kickstarter.  About eight months later, we decided to check back in with one of the men behind the project, James Harlin, and see what he’s been up to since their fundraiser.  

Just to recap, R.N. Nuts is a brand of flavored walnuts that helps to provide a healthier alternative to the sugar-filled, preservative laden snacks that line the shelves of grocery stores.

Harlin, who has always been interested in fitness and nutrition, became inspired to start the company due to his work experience in elementary schools.  Each day when lunchtime came around, he noticed a trend in the snacks that the children brought with them; they were tasty, convenient and of no nutritional value whatsoever.  Harlin hated to watch the students put these unhealthy snacks into their bodies, so he decided to team up with his friend Jeff Lefkowitz to create a healthier alternative: R.N. Nuts.


So why walnuts?  According to Harlin, these common snacks are often regarded as the most nutritious of all nuts, providing those who eat them with healthy Omega-3 fats, lower cholesterol, and decreased risk of developing certain diseases.  Though R.N. Nuts still contain a significant amount of sugar, Harlin considers them to be “a step forward” in healthy eating because they are made with a nutritious base and real ingredients.

More passionate about promoting health consciousness than making money, R.N. Nuts is always willing to offer free samples.  However, Harlin and Lefkowitz have found that having people try the product is actually what gets them to buy it.  According to Harlin, sampling allows those who come across R.N. Nuts to understand what the product is, and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone without actually purchasing the product.  Upon sampling the nuts, the food entrepreneurs have discovered that their treats appeal to kids and adults alike, some even calling them addicting.

The vast appeal of R.N. Nuts is not just limited to age group.  Those who don’t enjoy eating walnuts can still happily indulge in a bite of R.N. Nuts because of the variety of delicious flavors that the company offers.  Some of these include banana bread, cinnamon bun, gingerbread, coffee, cocoa, and maple syrup.  In accordance with their advocacy for health consciousness, R.N. nuts emphasizes their use of all natural ingredients in creating these flavors.

Since the kickstarter campaign back in January, the creators of R.N. Nuts have been focusing on establishing relationships with reliable sellers rather than expanding their sales to a greater amount of stores.  Though sold in a number of locations in Bergen County, the best way to get your hands on a bag of R.N. Nuts is to order them through the website. 

R.N. Nuts Website


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