All You Can Eat NJ: Oriental Buffet, Palisades Park, NJ

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Boozy Burbs has been on an endless quest to provide as much information about dining in Bergen County. During that time,  it seems that we’ve spotlighted quite a few All You Can Eat establishments (particularly the sushi variety) in the last few years. This is our second ever buffet article, the first was for Picnic Garden (AYCE Korean BBQ) when they opened in February of last year.

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Clockwise from Upper Left: Shumai, California Roll, Gyoza, Boneless Ribs

Oriental Buffet is BYOB and features a large selection of Chinese, Japanese and other Asian dishes. There are a number of hot appetizers (dumplings, meatballs, ribs, fried chicken wings) and soups (wonton, sweet and sour) , hot entrees (meat dishes: chicken, duck, beef; various noodles, fish dishes), sushi, cold dishes (shrimp cocktail) and desserts. For those wondering, there are a number of vegetarian only options for those avoiding meat. There are approximately 50 options of hot foods, 5- sushi choices and another 15-20 of desserts of sweets and fresh fruits.


The pricing will most likely be affordable for many with lunch for adults clocking in at $8.99 per person, while dinner will run $13.49 per person. Sodas are $1.49 each with free refills and coffee is $1.00 each with free refills (child prices are dependent on age). Also of note, a fresh lobster can be added to any buffet for $9.99 (served ginger scallion, steamed or Cantonese style) and 1lb of snow crab can be added to the buffet for $6.00.

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Lunch Buffet (11am-4pm) Monday-Sunday $8.99; Dinner Buffet (4-pm-10pm) Monday-Sunday $13.49

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Stuffed Shrimp

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Boneless Ribs

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Lo Mein

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California Rolls

Oriental Buffet 520 Bergen Blvd Palisades Park, NJ


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