NJ Food Artisans: Narda’s Ginger Punch


When Narda Morant, founder of Narda’s Ginger Punch, first opened her restaurant in 1990, starting her own beverage company was the last thing on her mind. However, Morant now credits her former role in the restaurant world as the origin of the Bloomfield, NJ, company. Narda’s Ginger Punch, a non-alcoholic drink that Morant derived from her sister’s recipe, was originally introduced as the restaurant’s house beverage, and quickly became a customer favorite. Though after some time Morant had to let go of her restaurant, she could not abandon the idea of the ginger punch that had always kept customers coming back for more. And so was born Narda’s Ginger Punch, the two-year-old company that produces and distributes the invigorating beverage.

Narda’s Ginger Punch sets itself apart from other ginger-based beverages on the market because of the significantly larger amount of fresh ginger juice packed into each bottle. Morant knows that with lots of ginger comes lots of spice, so she adds just enough of a citrus juice blend to mellow out the flavor yet maintain the gingery bite. Though the drink must be refrigerated (no preservatives here!), Narda’s Ginger Punch is extremely versatile and can be served either hot or cold. Some buyers have even used the punch as a cooking ingredient or cocktail mixer.

Committed to healthy living, Morant and the crew at Narda’s Ginger Punch pride themselves on the health benefits that the beverage has to offer. To name a few, fresh ginger juice is often used to relieve an upset stomach, has an energizing effect on those who consume it, and can even boost the immune system.


If you’d like to give Narda’s Ginger Punch a try, visit the website and find a carrier of the product near you.


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