The Taco Truck Idling Permanently in Morristown


Today we are deviating from the normal path and taking a ride with The Taco Truck down to Morristown, NJ, the home of its newest location. The business that originally started as a travelling taqueria is declaring the new brick & mortar facility to be its flagship restaurant, and is planning to open its doors in mid-August.

According to Chris Viola, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of The Taco Truck, the Morristown location will be three times the size of its stationary counterpart in Hoboken, NJ, and will create an environment more conducive to dining in rather than stopping by for take-out. Despite these changes, the Morristown edition of The Taco Truck will maintain the team’s traditions by providing an affordable dining experience in a sustainable setting. The menu will be the same as that of the Hoboken restaurant, and the facility’s design will have a “park-like” feel to simulate the experience of ordering from a traditional food truck. Customers can choose from a variety of authentic Mexican dishes, including nine different types of tacos, a selection of tortas (Mexican toasted sandwiches), fresh ensaladas (salads), and more.

The Taco Truck will also continue their efforts to minimize their environmental impact, a concept that has been a part of the business from its very beginnings. To name a few of its sustainable practices, The Taco Truck composts all food waste, uses biodegradable to-go packaging and is even planning to use recycled skateboards as wall tiles. The food itself is sustainable, too, as The Taco Truck offers locally-sourced and organic ingredients, free of hormones and antibiotics.


The Taco Truck 50 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ Website

[photo source: The Taco Truck]


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