Exclusiv Vodka Now in Cherry Flavor in NJ


Exclusiv Vodka, whose importers are based in Manalapan, has just launched its new Cherry Vodka. According to Serge Chistov, president of Serge Imports LLC and importer of Exclusiv, “Cherry is one of the most popular flavors in southern Russia. Almost every Russian has a home remedy made with cherry juice, and cherries are used extensively in the kitchen and homemade wines, so it seemed natural to launch a cherry-flavored line extension.”

Exclusiv Cherry Vodka is their eighth flavor in addition to the following varieites: regular, peach, berry, coconut, orange, lemon and rose. Imported from Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe located between Romania and Ukraine, Exclusiv Vodka is produced using “winter wheat,” the first wheat of the year that can be taken from the ground. Additionally, Exclusiv uses naturally filtrated water that passes through the limestone mountains of Central Europe. For more information, visit Exclusiv Vodka’s website at http://www.exclusiv-vodka.com.


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