Bergen Food Artisans: Cocoa Lush


Looking for some eye candy that you can actually eat? Check out Cocoa Lush Chocolate, a gourmet chocolate company that’s single-handedly operated by Upper Saddle River’s Ellen Sinopoli.

Starting out as just a hobby, creating gourmet chocolate has become both a business endeavor and a means of artistic expression for Ellen. Made exclusively with Belgian chocolate, Ellen’s products (including chocolate-covered oreos, pretzels, and more) are not simply dipped into a vat of the melted confection, but rather placed into decorative molds to give them a distinct shape and a thick, chocolatey flavor. Ellen herself describes the treats as “heavenly chocolate with a personal touch”, as each order is handmade to fit the customers’ needs.

From baby showers to corporate events, Cocoa Lush Chocolate can provide an array of affordable products to be used for any occasion. Buyers also have the option of requesting baskets to give as gifts.


Though Cocoa Lush Chocolate can only be ordered by phone or from the website, Ellen has hopes for eventually selling her crafty confections in local shops and boutiques.

Cocoa Lush


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