Bergen Food Artisans: Bar Necessity

[photo source: Bar Necessity]

Anyone who knows Bergen County is aware of the health and fitness junkies who roam its shopping malls and sidewalks.  But one who has her own line of protein bars?  That doesn’t come around as often.  Enter Andrea Strahl, a local mom, former businesswoman, and the creator of Bar Necessity, a brand of nutritious hand-made protein bars sold in various locations around Bergen County.

In late 2012, Strahl developed her recipe using natural, simple and organic ingredients to create a healthy snack that would appeal to any age group.   Made with oats, nut butter, and a variety of other healthful ingredients, Bar Necessity provides a balance of protein, fiber and carbohydrates to serve as either a pre- or post-workout snack, or just a bite to alleviate hunger in between meals.  Strahl intentionally created her recipe so that no cooking or baking is necessary, preserving the naturally provided nutrition of its ingredients.

Bar Necessity currently comes in five different flavors, including Original, Rawbar, Sambar, PB&J, and Cinnamon Almond.  Other options are now in the testing process, and will appear beside those already for sale in a growing number of local bagel stores, fitness centers, health food stores and other retailers.  For specific information on where to purchase these beneficial bites, visit Bar Necessity’s website at


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