ReJigger Your Way to Homemade Cocktails


A Kickstarter campaign for the ReJigger, a product created to uncomplicate making cocktails at home, recently met its funding goal. The ReJigger is a simplified way to make drinks, a cup broken into 3 compartments of different sizes. Fill each compartment with three cocktail ingredients and pour into a pint glass. The ReJigger then conveniently caps the top of the glass and now doubles as a shaker and strainer.

Creator Marcus Wang will be providing a number of “recipes” to start, but during his video promotes experimentation. Need basics like a Lemon Drop, Cosmo or Margarita? The ReJigger has got you covered.

Since the project will be funded when the campaign ends in a few days, those who are interested can still hop on and get one before the general public.


ReJigger: Home Cocktail Revolution Kickstarter Campaign


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