Fro Yo-Lish Frozen Yogurt Chills Out in Teaneck

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After about 4 months since it was first reported, the expansion of frozen yogurt shop Fro Yo-Lish has hit Teaneck. The self serve froyo shop offers 16 flavors of yogurt (plus the 8 “paired” flavors of the 16), approximately 52 toppings from their toppings bar and various other sauces, fudge and whipped cream. The bubble tea menu (which is not quite yet available at launch) will offer 11 flavor options.

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Fro Yo-Lish differentiates its self a tad by the space. While most froyo shops have a few seats or seating as an afterthought, Fro Yo-Lish has iPad stations where customers can browse the web while indulging in their custom chosen desserts. Large screen TVs adorn many walls to watch various shows, sporting events and more.


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Reading an article about Fro Yo-Lish on Boozy Burbs at Fro Yo-Lish on one of their iPads. How Meta!

As also reported, they are expanding to Dumont and Fort Lee with an Englewood location expected to open sometime next week.

Fro Yo-Lish Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ Facebook Page


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