NJ Food Artisans: Farmer Jim’s Tomato Ketchup


Unsatisfied with current ketchup choices, James Colistra of Montclair and his Farmer Jim’s Condiment Company are looking to make a change with their Kickstarter campaign which launched last night.

Colistra feels that most people accept ketchup the way it is, but hopes once they try Farmer Jim’s there will be no turning back. He believes that tasting better is not enough, so he made sure his product was more nutritious. For most of his adult life he’s made homemade salsa and hot sauce, but for the past 4 months has become fascinated with our pre-concieved notions of ketchup and how it’s supposed to taste (thanks to Heinz).

The product comes in two flavors: Tomato and Spicy Chipotle. The Original ingredients are tomatoes (pureed), apple cider vinegar, honey, molasses, onion powder, a secret blend of spices, and sea salt. For the Spicy Chipotle, Colistra adds cayenne and chipotle powder which gives is a kick (but not too much he promises).


Original Flavor label

Chipotle Flavor label

He plans on selling the bottles online and then at local Farmer’s Markets this summer. Hopefully mom and pop specialty and gourmet food stores are next. However to take the product to the next level he is reaching out to Kickstarter for help. For those who are interested, they should checkout the campaign at their Kickstarter page.

Farmer Jim’s Condiment Company Montclair, NJ Kickstarter Page



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