NJ Food Artisans: Moonlight Marinades

[photo source: Moonlight Marinades]

Moonlight Marinades is launching their small batch and artisanal marinades from Verona. First conceived at their Father’s Day BBQ, friends Eric and Jon decided to bottle their marinade creations for friends and family. Next up is the rest of the world as they begin retail distribution in Northern NJ and sales through the Internet.

The marinades are currently available in two varieties: Sweet ‘n’ Savory and Spicy #3 (Because they claim Spicy #1 and Spicy #2 “didn’t make the grade”). Sweet ‘n’ Savory is their flagship product while Spicy #3 was a response to friends and family who wanted “a spicy version” of the same flavor profile. Both products are made with no fillers, no added water, no added sugars or sweeteners and “no added anything”.

A version of the dry rub that they use called Rub-A-Dub-Dub Rub is available as well to compliment the marinades when using a smoker or other BBQ techniques.


Moonlight Marinades Verona, NJ Website



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