Celebrate NJ’s 80th Anniversary of Repealing Prohibition

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On June 1, 1933, New Jersey ratified the 21st Amendment of the Constitution (repealing the 18th Amendment), which ended the period of Prohibition in the United States. That makes today the 80th anniversary of the event, one that still has had effects on the liquor trade in New Jersey as recently as this year with the launch of new distilleries.

Since supporting local businesses is always de rigueur in the food world, one way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of this event is by supporting local breweries, vineyards and distilleries.

Local/Nearby Breweries

Bolero Snort – http://bolerosnort.com
Cricket Hillhttp://crickethillbrewery.com
NJ Beer Co – http://www.njbeerco.com


Local/Nearby Vineyards

Cava Winery & Vineyard – http://cavawinery.com
Four Sisters Winery – http://crickethillbrewery.com
Brook Hollow Winery – http://www.njbeerco.com

Local/Nearby Distilleries

Prohibition Distillery – http://www.prohibitiondistillery.com
Tuthilltown Spirits – http://www.tuthilltown.com


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