Shake Shack is Indeed Coming to Paramus

[photo credit: William Brinson]

Update: A Shake Shack spokesperson has confirmed with Boozy Burbs that the Paramus location is a go, will be a standalone roadside restaurant and will be located at 479 Route 17 South.

Update: Shake Shack is opening November 9th in Paramus

In late April, word had spread that NYC-based burger chain Shake Shack might be eying Paramus as a potential location. It was a story that lacked an official source, perhaps driven through pure speculation and wishful thinking.


It appears that the story might have some truth afterall. According this Craigslist ad (graphic posted below), Union Square Hospitality Group (Danny Meyer’s business entity) is looking for managers at their Paramus Shake Shack that is coming to Route 17. The same job listing appears in the “Join Our Team” section of their website.


For those unfamiliar, Shake Shack is a burger and shake joint that currently has 8 locations in NYC (with many more around the country as they are on quite an expansion). Their LaFrieda beef blend patties and hand spun shakes are considered by many to have kick started the burger craze that has been seen in the food industry over the last decade.


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