Brand New: Riviera Lebanese Cafe, Little Ferry, NJ

[photo source: Riviera Lebanese Cafe]

Riviera Lebanese Cafe, a restaurant in downtown Little Ferry that opened in late April, serves a mix of traditional and modern Mediterranean dishes. The owners are restaurant industry vets, but this is the first establishment where they are cooking the cuisine of where they are from.

[photo source: Riviera Lebanese Cafe]

The 45 seat dining room has been renovated with modern decoration and featuring homages to the Riviera lifestyle and iconic figures from their homeland. They are a BYO establishment and are open seven days a week. They serve both lunch and dinner with takeout and delivery available.


Food is prepared to order and offers many traditional Lebanese dishes with various meat kebabs, fresh and hearty salads and plenty of Filo dough. The lunch menu offers sandwiches while the dinner menu adds meat and fish options served with rice. Both feature hot and cold appetizers along with soups.

2013-05-14 20.07.49
Pickled vegetables, olives, etc.

2013-05-14 20.28.34
Baba Ghannooj (roasted eggplant, tahini, garlic and olive oil)

2013-05-14 20.29.13
Cheese Bourak (Filo dough stuffed with Lebanese cheese)

2013-05-14 20.30.25
Falafel Sandwich

2013-05-14 20.17.15
Homemade lemonade with apple and honey

Riviera Lebanese Cafe 201 Main Street, Little Ferry NJ Website


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