Osso Buco Italian Grill Coming to Hillsdale May 1st

Osso Buco Hillsdale

Some exterior shots of Osso Buco Italian Grill that will be opening in Hillsdale this Wednesday.

2013-03-20 19.07.11

Osso Buco has announced via Facebook that they will be opening this coming Wednesday, May 1st 2013. Here is a link to their menu. The casual Italian dining restaurant will serve traditional Italian dishes, pastas and more. A description of their restaurant-titled dish:


“Our Famous Butcher Cut Osso Buco called a veal shank. It comes from the leg, together the meat and bone are cut into portions. It’s braised and slowly cooked for 3 hours in a cabernet reduction sauce. The meat becomes tender and delicate. Also, in the center of the bone is the marrow, a tasty, spongy meat spread.”

Osso Buco Italian GrillĀ 343 Broadway, Hillsdale, NJ Facebook Page


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