Spodee Wine and Moonshine Hybrid at a Liquor Store Near You

[credit: Michael Dwornick]

Spodee is a wine fortified with 36 proof moonshine, that you mix into cocktails like a spirit. Served in an old time milk bottle, Spodee is a drink that harkens back to Depression-era times when those struggled for money and food and made booze with whatever they had. The “hooch” that resulted was a deceptively strong, sweet, easy-to drink beverage made from a mix of country wine and whatever else was lying around the farm: fruits, herbs, spices and of course moonshine.

Though Spodee launched last may, it is now widely available at retailers around New Jersey. We were unable to specifically find out which Bergen County spots are selling it, but it is available at Super Wine Warehouse in Paterson both in-store and online.

The product is being marketed with it’s use as a mixer in mind for both drinks and food (jellies, vinaigrettes, truffles). The folks over at Spodee were kind of enough to send over their list of suggested cocktail recipes using Spodee. Cheers!


Spodee Cocktail Recipes

Spodee Wine with a Kick Website


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