Make Your Valentine Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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This is a guest post from Evelyn Quigley, the owner and proprietor of Making Chocolate, a store in Dumont specializing in helping you create and design many kinds of chocolate confections and supply you for your craft chocolate projects. Visit them at 10 East Madison Avenue in Dumont or call the store at (201) 385-0483

Valentine’s Day is a popular time for sharing chocolates with loved ones. We get visitors in the shop every year who are looking for a romantic way to celebrate with a significant other. We always suggest the tried and true Valentine’s Day treat: Chocolate-covered strawberries. This may appear to be a daunting task, but covering strawberries with chocolate is a very simple process.

Melting Chocolate
Assorted Toppings (toasted coconut, crushed Oreos, etc)

Microwavable Container (like a Pyrex® measuring cup)
Wax Paper


We highly recommend Merckens® melting chocolate for projects like this. It gives you the best taste and consistency amongst melting chocolates. We sell a full line of their chocolates year round at the store. When it comes to choosing fruit, we prefer regular strawberries to the long-stem variety. The long-stemmed display better, but the regular tend to have a better taste. With all the strawberries you make, we highly suggest you eat them within 24 hours. So plan on serving them the same day.


Melting Chocolate

  • To begin, melt the chocolate (white chocolate used in photo above) in your microwave-safe container
  • Use a low heat and mix the chocolate steadily every time you take it out to completely melt it
  • White chocolate is more sensitive to heat, so shorter bursts of heat and more stirring will be required
  • You may need to heat your chocolate as it will begin to harden after a few minutes of use

Dipping Chocolate

  • Hold the strawberry by the stem and dip the entire fruit into the melted chocolate and let the excess drip off

Covered Chocolate Strawberry

  • Take the covered strawberry and place it on wax paper to cool
  • Make sure you put them enough apart so that they don’t stick together


  • Pick your topping (if desired) and sprinkle over the still warm chocolate to decorate

Covered Strawberries

  • You can mix and match chocolate types and toppings for an fun mix of colors

Squeeze Bottle

  • (Optional) Fill a squeeze bottle (with caramel, cream, etc) and create professional-looking designs instead of toppings

Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Box up your creation and surprise your Valentine with a Do-It-Yourself Treat!


  1. Hi I’m Evelyn,the owner of Making Chocolate Hope you all enjoy this blog it was very tasty to write up. If you have any questions contact the store 201 385 0483. We also have a fantastic Instructional Class on Feb 6 @7pm you can learn to make some great treats for your Loved one..Or if you have a special event coming up and want to learn to make your own favors. Communion, Graduations, Showers so on….We love to meet Chocolate Lovers

  2. The strawberries look beautiful and delicious. Great write-up!

  3. Well done. Easy to follow instructions with photos as you go along is great. You make it look so easy Evelyn. Love the strawberry with the tux! They all look so yummy.

  4. Excellent!! The Chocolate Covered Strawberries look great, and the ones I have had from Making Chocolate are out of this world so, I would say these will NOT disappoint!!

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