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In Boozy Burb’s endless effort to find all food-based products in Bergen County, some digging led us on the scent of to the bottled water industry. Many are probably familiar with the many name brands out there (Dasani, Poland Spring), the flavored varieties (Vitamin Water) and the endless other sugar-flavored waters on the market today. Instead here is information about a small start-up doing something a little different in the industry.

Hackensack-based water company Alkazone has been producing water drops for more than 15 years. Their focus has been turning the highly acidic diets of humans and balancing their pH with alkaline-based water products. On the pH scale, a pH of 7 is considered neutral. Less means acidic and greater is alkaline. A “normal” balanced pH for the human body is approximately 7.4.

According to Alkazone’s research, most drinking water (including tap and bottled water) is more acidic than neutral. Alkazone is has been formulated (pH 9.5) to help balance the acidity and provide a healthier lifestyle. They do this by adding three things to the water: antioxidants (via selenium), electrolytes and potassium. The antioxidants protects against free radicals, the electrolytes help for optimal hydration and endurance (like Gatorade) and the potassium regulates fluid levels, blood pressure and helps with cognitive function. Other essential minerals include calcium and magnesium. The water is also sodium free and as a group these ingredients are meant to provide a healthier alternative to other bottled waters. For more information about the science behind the claims of Alkazone, check out their website.


The water has been ionized to give it clean and crisp taste. It is also been certified Kosher. Alkazone is available at many local health food stores, Fairway Market and more. They are sold individually or in packs of 24.

Alkazone Bottled Water
Hackensack, NJ Website


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