Brand New: Simit and Smith, Cliffside Park, NJ


Simit and Smith is a new bakery serving handmade simit in Cliffside Park along Anderson Avenue. Simit are a turkish bread similar in size and shape to a bagel. They are a typical street food found around Europe and the Middle East. The simit are rolled by hand and then fermented (as supposed bagels which are boiled) before baking in this Cliffside Park location, which also doubles as their “factory” to serve other locations and their wholesale business.

Making SImit
It’s time to make the simit!

Simit Prep
Simit rolled and ready to hit the oven


The simit are available in three flavors: original (sesame), whole wheat and multi-grain (rolled in (Sesame, Rye, Oats, Bulgar, Poppy seed and Sunflower seeds). One of the twists added by Simit and Smith (designed to give them more universal appeal) is the introduction of a simit loaf derived from the same amount of dough and cooking process, but shaped it into a more common bread loaf for those who find eating a sandwich on the traditional circular shape problematic. View Menu (PDF)

The typical Turkish simit experience is to eat it plain or with feta and tomato. This is another way that Simit and Smith is differentiating themselves for local tastes by adding a full menu composed of sweet and savory fillings like cream cheese, chicken, turkey, salmon and Nutella.

Simit Basket
Original (Sesame) Simit

The rapid expansion of NYC is in the works (West 72nd Street is already occupied) along with additions to non-simit menu to include other Turkish snacks. Turkish Tea, coffee and other drinks are available in the cafe-like retail space and a bar adorns the wall for those looking to stay and eat. There are also future plans for cooking classes for those interested in learning the skills to produce simit at home.

Simit Loaves
Simit in loaf form (all varieties)

Simit + Smith 721 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ Website


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