Hidden Slider Oasis at Quilly’s Weekender in Hawthorne (CLOSED)

Sliders Side by Side

When Steve Quilliam’s burger joint Quilly’s Gourmet Sliders in Fair Lawn closed back in 2011, the hearts of many North Jersey carnivores were broken because they could no longer enjoy Quilly’s menu of freshly made small-sized hamburgers. The good news to his cult-like fans is that he’s started serving sliders again at a weekend-only spot in the back of Rumors Bar in Hawthorne. Since opening in September, Quilliam and his team have resuscitated a truncated version of his former Quilly’s menu, now available Fridays-Saturdays from 5:00-9:30pm and Sundays from 1:00-5:30pm. View Menu

That’s 80/20 Ground Chuck


The first thing you have to know about Quilly’s (and we mentioned this already) is that it’s running its business inside a bar. They have taken over the kitchen at Rumors in Hawthorne and are serving to both their own customers and those patronizing Rumors. Not really knowing the area, our team was given these instructions to finding the place (which were culled directly from their menu):

Pull into parking lot in between Rumors Bar and the Chicken n Rib Crib and go up wooden stairs to the side door of Rumors on the right side of parking lot. Quilly’s kitchen is immediately on your left… can’t miss us!

A side-door, wooden stairway, in the back of bar from a parking lot, adjacent to a Chicken n Rib Crib? …not totally sure if that will sound normal to everyone, but it WILL get you to Quilly’s (you can also use the more “traditional” front entrance of Rumors and walk to the back).

Sliders on the Grill

Sliders Getting Topped

Despite being open less than 14 hours a week, Quilliam also has a full time job and a part-time catering business. His experience has taken him on a whirlwind of various NYC and NJ kitchens the last decade or so and his classically-trained culinary skills are utilized across his menu. There are no less than 12 miniature burgers (with occasional rotating weekly specials) and a few appetizers/sides to choose from. The patties use standard 80/20 chuck beef (approx 3 ounces each), are served on artisanal buns and each come with pickles. You can add lettuce, tomato, onions, bacon and cheese for an additional cost though many of the composed slider choices have those options already. Burgers are seared and served a juicy medium well by default unless requested otherwise.

Quilly Slider (with sauteed onions, cheddar and ketchup)

There are a few chicken sliders for those looking for something a little “different” or trying to limit their red meat intake. Don’t fret vegetarians, there is a homemade black bean cake slider (served with lettuce and homemade salsa) that you can try if you get dragged there by a bunch of meat eaters. If you need something else to go with your order, standard fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and a homemade 5 cheese mac & cheese are available.

Slider with Bacon and Cheese

Black Bean Slider (crisp homemade vegetarian cake with lettuce and homemade salsa)

Those who want to stay and dine can sit at one of the bar tables (or the bar itself) and purchase drinks from the bartender. They suggest if you want takeout to call ahead for your slider fix (though walkups are totally fine) or you can get delivery to Glen Rock, Hawthorne and Fair Lawn. Those used to the White Castle-style Crave Case (30 burgers) can order boxes of the following capacities: 12, 16, 36 and 77.

Quilly’s Weekender (in the back of Rumors Bar)
610 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ
(201) 394-9047
Facebook Page


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