Exploring the Deep Dish Pizza at Hudson 303 Sport Cafe in Tappan

We know it’s been barely more than two whole weeks since we first wrote about Hudson 303 Sport Cafe in Tappan. But we heard through the grapevine that they were already making some serious additions to the menu: their own homemade Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Our journalistic sensibilities were in high alert, so we ran over to find out more and take some photos for your viewing pleasure.

The kitchen has spent the last few weeks putting the final touches on their crust and sauce. They experimented quite a bit to get what they felt was the perfect balance of heft, buttery flavor and flakiness. The story is similar for the sauce, where a great deal of time and experimentation was taken with amounts of tomato, garlic and other spices to find what they believe is the right mix of flavors.

Of course, no pizza dish would be complete without topping options. The pizza shown in our photos was served with bacon and sausage. Also available are pepperoni, Portobello mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, meatballs, grilled chicken, onions and a host of other toppings. They will also add any cheese they already have (from burgers, etc) as well. The chef revealed that some other “specialty” pies were in the works like a Buffalo Chicken variety.


Need to wash down that pizza? As a refresher from our earlier post: Hudson 303 has 24 beers on tap, a large wine and spirit selection plus 8 big screen TVs playing most major sports. A driving range, batting cage and mini golf course round out the facilities.

Hudson 303 Sport Cafe 116 Route 303, Tappan, NY Website


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