Korean Fried Chicken at Yam Yam Chicken in Norwood, NJ

Yam Yam Chicken is bringing Korean-style Fried Chicken (back) to Norwood. The takeout-only shop has taken over the space formerly known as BBs’ Chicken (a similar Korean Fried Chicken spot that closed 2 months ago). For those unfamiliar with Korean Fried Chicken (otherwise known as the “other” KFC), find your nearest place and get some now! Or you can read this NY Times article from 2007 to get a background of the food in general. This is the second Yam Yam location in the area, the first is located in Fort Lee.


Yam Yam is not unlike most KFC joints. They serve wings, drumsticks and whole chickens with a choice of sauces. They include Soy Garlic, Spicy Soy Garlic, Sweet & Spicy and Hot Spicy. If chicken is ordered Crispy (no sauce), they offer a few dipping sauces for your enjoyment. All chicken orders are served with the traditional pickled Korean radish which replaces bleu cheese dressing as the “cooling” agent associated with Buffalo wings.

Some Soy Garlic Wings Pose for the Camera

As a warning for those who haven’t yet tried Korean Fried Chicken, the wait is considerably longer for this style of chicken because it is common that it’s cooked to order, so wait times of up to 20 minutes may occur.

Dipping Sauces

Yam Yam Chicken
561 Livingston Street
Norwood, NJ
(201) 750-4567


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