Bergen Food Artisans: 1776 Beverage Co.

We first stumbled on 1776 Beverage Co. on our visits to East Coast Burger Co in Ridgewood. During the meal ordering process, we noticed these bottles of soda from this brand we’d never heard of. We had to try them (naturally) and as we were washing down our burgers that night with a Raspberry Birch Beer, we noticed the bottle said the company hailed from Midland Park, NJ. Midland Park? Why that’s right next to Ridgewood! Needless to say, we felt a local soda company warranted some investigating.

The business was launched by husband and wife team Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin who had previously started a hot sauce company named Heartbreaking Dawns. Together they have been marketing both the sauce and soda at specialty retailers (and have even done a season at the vaunted Smorgasburg food flea market in Brooklyn) for some time now. The line of products are currently being carried by a growing number of specialty markets, restaurants and more in the Bergen area.


The best way we can describe the brand is “traditional American soft drinks with a modern twist”. The line currently has three flavors: White Peach Ginger Ale, Classic Cream Soda, & Raspberry Birch Beer. The 16oz bottles retail typically for less than $2 and are made with real cane sugar. As you probably already know, the cane sugar soda trend has gotten huge the last few years with the movement towards less processed foods in our collective diets and the blacklisting of high fructose corn syrup by many nutritionists.

Be sure to pickup a bottle or two at your local Bergen retailers and let us know what you think in the comments.

1776 Beverage Co.


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  1. i have had all but the birch beer but let me tell you they are amazing soda;s bought one to try and ended up buying about a 12 pack that day drank most there and took a few home for the family to try out. great drinks at a great price. also if you are into hot sauce like myself give Heartbreaking dawns a try if you have not awesome sauces Johnny and Nicole really know what they are doing when it comes to the kitchen.

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