Brand New: La’Mezza Restaurant, Englewood, NJ

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It’s been almost three months, but we’ve finally had our chances to check out La’Mezza Restaurant and run the shop through its paces. The space has housed a few nondescript Thai restaurants over the last few years and while we think that cuisine is undeserved in the area, we welcome a new dining option in the form of La’Mezza. We’ve seen our fair share of similar-cuisined restaurants open nearby (Yasou Mykonos, Zendiggi) lately and those already nearby (Axia Taverna), but we always think competition is a good thing. From their website:

At La’Mezza, we offer a fusion of traditional Lebanese cuisine and Mediterranean inspired seafood dishes. Imagine a culinary journey for your palate, with exotic decor & ambiance that come together to create a new world for your senses to explore; that new world is La’Mezza.

The “fusion” moniker they’ve chosen to use as a label is certainly evident in the menu. It has equal parts American and international options with Mediterranean twists, such as chicken wings with cilantro and garlic. One can also find typical fare like hummus, grape leaves, spinach pies, falafel, kebabs and more.


One of the most noticeable touches from the former Thai joints is the renovated space. It has a much more urban and upscale feel than before, making some of our group feel a bit under dressed when visiting (we always say: T-Shirts are too casual for dinner, unless we’re at Outback Steakhouse). The lights are dimmed low at night with most of the dining room adorned with black tables, chairs and wall bench seating. There is also a “secluded” outdoor patio area. They are currently hosting a Thursday night “night out” in the space (weather permitting) including Hookahs and music.

The prices are very reasonable as we found that dinner for two with drinks (non alcoholic, though the restaurant is BYOB) would typically run less than $60 (one appetizer, two entrees, two soft drinks). There is currently a prix fixe lunch menu with 3 courses for $13.

Flatbreads and Dips Served Complimentary Pre-Meal

La’Mezza Cilantro Wings (with Garlic and Cilantro)

Lebanese Burger (Kafta Meat, Arugula, Tomato, Avocado)

Red Snapper Special

French Fries

La’Mezza 63 Nathaniel Place, Englewood, NJ Website


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