Franchise Foodie: Sriracha Chicken at Pei Wei Diner

Franchise Foodie is a regular column where we try a seasonal or promotional item at a nearby outlet of a national chain/franchise restaurant. In this post Boozy Burbs visits Pei Wei Asian Diner at the Bergen Town Center to try their new Sriracha Chicken.

Sriracha is a new “Signature Dish” style added to the Pei Wei Asian Diner menu for a limited time. Those of you in the know are aware that Sirachi remains the “darling” foodie condiment du jour (though we know Pei Wei’s sister restaurant PF Chang’s has been using it as an ingredient for years now, so they are hardly copycats). For those sick of chipotle as a flavor in everything on every menu, Sriracha Chicken should be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Description from their website:


For a limited time only, we’ve added a spicy new dish to our menu. With the kick of Sriracha and the sweet tangy goodness of pineapple, it’s anything but subtle. We call it Sriracha Chicken.

Sriracha Chicken
Sriracha Chicken with Spring Roll and White Rice

We should warn you, this dish is pretty hot for a national chain restaurant.  The Boozy Burbs team can handle some heat, but this dish may not be for you if you don’t like extra kick to your food. That being said, we thought the chicken and vegetable mix was pretty tasty and the sauce had some nice flavor. The chunks of pineapple had somewhat of a cooling effect, but we still grabbed for our water before we got to the next bite.

The Sriracha Chicken will be available till November 8th and is offered as a standalone dish or as a combo (smaller portion than the standalone) with a spring roll, cup of soup, or Asian slaw and your choice of white or brown rice. The dish is available with other proteins instead of chicken. Choices include vegetables & tofu, steak or shrimp. The chicken combo clocks in at a very reasonable $6.25 (prices with other choices vary).

2012-10-16 18.19.58

For those not familiar with Pei Wei, it’s a fast casual concept from the folks behind PF Chang’s. The menu resembles a mix of different Asian food you probably already know: noodles, rice bowls and grilled meats with Asian-styled sauces & flavors. It’s actually more of a hybrid fast casual concept, you order via counter and take a seat at your table till one of the servers bring you the order. And the food takes some time (understandably)… it’s made just for you in their open kitchen. They’ve cleverly packaged it into a modern, “made-for-the-mall” space for those looking for something quick but better than regular ‘ol fast food.

Pei Wei Asian Diner
83 West Spring Valley Avenue
Maywood, NJ


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