Brand New: Teaneck Sushi Buffet, Teaneck, NJ

Teaneck Sushi Buffet is now the third made to order All You Can Eat sushi place to open nearby in less than 2 years. Of course the name Teaneck Sushi Buffet is slightly misleading, there is no buffet (but hey, who’s counting). Though we do have a growing concern that our pants may no longer fit if we have to keep trying new All You Can Eat spots every week. They also have an a la carte menu with a large selection of sushi and other Japanese-style dishes including an entire Asian “fusion” section of the menu. The┬áTeaneck Sushi Buffet space isn’t huge (maybe 40-50 seats) but not at all cramped. It’s nothing fancy but the quick and attentive service are major positives that they have going for it.

Copy of the All You Can Eat Menu(s) (click to enlarge)


When ordering the “buffet”, the setup at┬áTeaneck Sushi Buffet is exactly the same as the setup at Sushi Village in Westwood, Kazuki Sushi in River Vale and Bamboo in Northvale. Diners are given options of hot and cold kitchen dishes and various sushi & roll options. Here there are two sheets: one labelled “Kitchen”, the other labelled “Sushi Bar”. Choices include salads, hot and cold apps (edamame, shumai, yakitori, calamari, etc), soups, tempura, and teriyaki. Sushi chocies include sashimi, sushi, rolls (maki) and special rolls. We noticed a few kitchen dishes we haven’t seen at other spots like Kalbi (Korean BBQ beef) and Rock shrimp which was nice. One thing of note: The place is so similar to Sushi Village in that the sheets are the same size, font, etc. Did someone leave Sushi Village for their own greener pastures?

Pricing is also simple, on weekdays the price is $19.99 and on the weekends it is $21.99. It also appeared that fountain soft drinks were free refills which is slightly different than the other AYCE sushi haunts. Better, worse or equal?

Spicy Seaweed Salad

Steamed Shumai

Spicy Rock Shrimp

Kalbi (Korean B.B.Q.)

Order of Sushi Rolls

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Soft Shell Crab Roll

Left: Butterfly Roll (Inside: Crunch, Spicy Tuna; Outside: Tuna, Salmon & Avocado); Right: Soft Shell Crab Roll

Eel Avocado Hand Roll

Teaneck Sushi Buffet
972 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ
(201) 530-7700



  1. Can’t have too many AUCE sushi – thanks for the review and pics

  2. Yum! Have been wanting to do ayce for awhile. But now you have me flipping btw Teaneck and Bamboo? Feedback own which you would pick are appreciated!

    • Bamboo.

      Of course, we just heard about another place that’s been doing AYCE for a year now. It’s a little far outside where we usually trek, but knowing us we’ll be there this weekend!

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