Recap: Tenafly Surf’s Up Street Fair, Tenafly, NJ

The months of May and June bring a few things to the area. Typically warmer weather, the end of the school year and street/craft fairs/farmer’s markets. Tenafly hosted it’s first ever Surf’s Up (not sure of the meaning) Street Fair. Of course from our vantage point, we’ll give you the recap from a decidedly foodie point of view.

We wont dwell on the usual sets of non-food vendors who show up at these local town fairs. Home remodeling stands, jewelry, kids clothing, etc. There were also the usual group of food vendors as well: Zeppole Cart, Cotton Candy Machine and somebody selling dried fruit and nuts (see last photo).


We were pleasantly surprised to see at least 5 sorta, kinda foodie-type vendors selling their wares. If someone would host an event with 20+ of these…. that would be a winner! Below is a recap of what we saw:

Three Men and a Baby Back

This was a BBQ (naturally) stand featuring a group of guys who compete in BBQ competitions. Of course any true BBQ fan would’ve been at this weekend’s Big Apple BBQ event in Madison Square Park, but we digress… Ribs, Pulled Pork and Brisket were the meat featured here with the homemade BBQ sauce. Unfortunately, there was no Steve Guttenberg sightings (Can you believe it? He’ll actually be signing his new book at Books & Greetings in Northvale on Tuesday June 12th, 2012).

Some competition trophies apparently

Lemon Love

This stand made fresh to order… you guessed it, lemonade and limeade. As seen by the menu above, there was a nice variety of fresh fruit flavors to mix in with the ade.

Collection of Syrups

Strawberry Limeade

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies

This cart was selling fresh fruit smoothies and other fruit-type drinks. The first sign says: Strawberry, Mango Orange and Pina Colada Smoothies.

Old German Bakery

Hailing from Hoboken, this table was selling a large array of German specialty pastries and a variety of breads as well as German-influenced twists on modern faves.

Nana’s Home Kitchen –

Felafel, Spinach Pie, More

Nitro Ice Cream Cafe Truck

They literally made the ice cream right then and there with nitrogen and fresh ingredients. Pretty cool!

Tenafly Surf’s Up Street Fair
June 9-10, 2012


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